Wheels and Chassis

A metal chassis with authentic iron wheels and a fully functioning turntable gives every hut a solid foundation and the ability to be moved. Painted for protection this structure ensures both stability and longevity.


Floor joists are affixed to the chassis. The lengths of these can be adjusted to allow every hut to have its own unique dimensions and overall floor plan. Allowed to extend beyond the length of the hut they can also support an optional balcony area.

The floor is double skinned with 90mm celotex insulation. Whether the floor is oiled or stained, softwood tongue and groove or pitch pine floor boards is up to you.


The walls are constructed from 2” x 3” softwood timbers, with noggins and braces to ensure a structural framework and sturdy walls to support the roof.

A waterproof breathable membrane wraps around the outside of the frame which is then filled with 3” insulation providing maximum protection from the elements and helping your hut to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The interior walls are clad in tongue and groove boarding or molded MDF sheets and sealed or painted to the colour of your choice.

Corner beading and skirting boards finish off the overall appearance.


The external cladding can be either plastisol coated corrugated iron in a RAL colour of your choice - ensuring zero maintenance and a 25 year colour guarantee - or painted tg&v boards.

Doors and windows

The location, style and size of both doors and double glazed windows is up to you and can be accommodated anywhere within the framework of the sides.

Roof and ceiling

The roof is made with curved rafters which can either be exposed to add to the character of the interior space or hidden within the ceiling. With the breathable membrane and Insulation in place the interior is finished with tongue and groove softwood boards.

Plastisol coated corrugated iron specially bent to follow the gently curved profile of the roof are affixed on the exterior providing a durable finish and watertight structure.

Internal fittings

Whether you receive your shepherd hut as a shell or fitted to meet your requirements is up to you.

It could have a pull out sofa bed with storage space underneath; cupboards along the wall or a desk built in below a window; a kitchen unit with space for a gas stove and a sink or a wood burning stove complete with flu.

Every shepherd hut is built to suit its purpose.